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Failure To Follow Due Process In Termination Of An Employment Contract Can Be Costly

In February, 2017, the Employment and Labour Relations Court delivered a judgment in which it determined that the procedure employed by the Kenya Police Force in dismissing Sergeant Emmanuel Nyiro Chai from service was unconstitutional and a breach of his right to fair administrative action.

The claimant faced a disciplinary charge containing the alleged offence of being idle and negligent in the performance of his duty and the particulars of the offence were to the effect that the officer had issued six (6) pieces of firearms to various officers but had failed to enter the issuance in the required record.

According the judgment, it is stated that the Sergeant pleaded guilty to the disciplinary offence and his employer’s verdict was dismissal from the force with forfeiture of all retirement benefits and leave accrued.

Despite being served with the court process, the judgment reflects that the employer failed to defend the suit despite being granted sufficient opportunity to file documents and statements.

The trial therefore proceeded without the involvement of the employer.


Hon. Justice Mathews Nduma Nderi, the Principal Judge of the ELRC, found that there were several material breaches of both constitution and the Force Standing Orders and proceeded to quash the discharge of the Petitioner; order his forthwith reinstatement without loss of seniority or remuneration and the payment of the officer’s full salary from March, 2011 to the date of the judgment in addition to interest at court rates as well as legal costs of the proceedings. Read here for the full decision. http://kenyalaw.org/caselaw/cases/view/131922/index.php?id=3479

The decision underscores two important issues.

Quote: “In matters of  truth and justice, there is no difference between large and small problems, for issues concerning the treatment of people are the same” ,

Albert Einstein 

Due process is key

First, it highlights the crucial nature of the observance of due process thresholds in termination of employment contracts. Statutory and contractual provisions must be strictly adhered to within the context of fair administrative rights as set out in the Constitution. 

Application of ADR

Second, it highlights the importance of pursuit of ADR where there is no clear defence capable of being availed. As noted, the petition was undefended despite being served on the Respondents.

Litigants should not shut out alternative dispute resolution mechanisms as the courts are obligated by the Constitution to encourage and embrace the same. Most forms of ADR result in cost effective win-win solutions that are not disruptive to operations and financial situations.

Such a solution would have led to a speedy resolution of this case and would have mitigated the effects of time-dependant reliefs such as reinstatement, backpay and interest.

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Connect, organize and get things done to keep your IT business safe.